The Healing School Online Prayer Conference is a program designed for partners of the ministry and Christians globally to pray concerning the upcoming 2020 Healing School Autumn Session, and for the healing of the sick around the world.
Date: 19th - 21st February 2020.
Time: 6pm GMT+1 (Daily).


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Mr. Ernest from Ghana

Ernest from Ghana: Thank you Pastor Sir for this prayer conference. For some years now I have been consistently feeling pains and heaviness most times when I wake up from bed and that makes it quite challenging when I want to stand up from the bed. But after the prayer session for the prayer requests led by Rev. Owase, I felt so light in my body and that was it. I slept well and woke up so strong today and didn't feel dizzy at work. I am alive. Thank you Pastor Sir.

Mrs. Folake from United Kingdom

I had a glorious time in God's presence.

Mrs. Helin from United States

I give all glory to Gad for he has healed me from the back pains discomfort I have feeling due to my kidney failure issue the pain has stop totally am pain free I know in from my heart God has restore my kidney back for me they are 100% functioning thank you Lord you are a wonderful God.

Pastor Lucynda Porsha from Uganda

I am immensely blessed by this conference. Thank you so much Pastor sir for this wonderful opportunity to pray for the sick and the ministry of healing at the Healing school. I love you Sir. #hsopc2020 #uganda

Ms. Christine from United Kingdom

I use to have severe pains from fibroid and it feels like a knife is cutting through my stomach. I wanted to visit the healing school but I couldn’t because of the pain and bleeding. Thanks be to God the bleeding has stopped and I’m pains has also stopped. I believe God is touching all my bones and other areas in Jesus name because I had a dream in 2011 when I was being attacked by three ladies and pastor appeared in the dream and anointed me.

Mrs. Ebere from Nigeria

Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me from left and right abdominal pains and headache that has been disturbing me for over 2months. I got my total healing as Rev. and all the pastors present Started for the duck and the prayer request. Glory to Hod for this awesome moment in the presence of God. Love you so much pastor for the privilege

Ms. S from United Kingdom

I had numbness on my right leg around the thigh area and during the prayer request prayer segment I received my healing

Mrs. Ngozi from Nigeria

I thank God for healing me of cervical incompetence which has caused me to miscarry 2 pregnancies. As we prayed this night, the power of God went through my body and now I'm healed forever, ready for a perfect pregnancy & perfectly healthy delivery of my children. Glory!!!! Thank you Pastor for HSOP.

Ms. Patricia from Ghana

I've been feeling pains in my left leg for some weeks now but thank God the pain is gone, and I can feeling the growth in my Tommy shrinking.